Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Who's your favorite/least favorite finance guru?

JLP over at All Financial Matters asked today who everyone's favorite/least favorite financial guru's are.

My votes:

Least: Kiyosaki. The man is dangerous. He is a marketing guru with zero financial knowledge and the things he writes in his Yahoo posts are shameful. Really. I'm tempted to start a letter writing campaign to yahoo to request that he be fired. Anyone with me?

Most: Bogle. The man is an icon and provides a great service. Sure, I may be biased by the fact that I used to work at Vanguard, but I was an investor long before I was an employee.

My 2nd choice of favorite is probably David Bach. I like the common sense, down to earth way he has of delivering info. I think it's great for people who are just starting out. His book The Automatic Millionaire is one I recommend that everyone read and his book Smart Couples Finish Rich is one that I give to/suggest that all couples read before they get married.